logvrp, route optimization, fleet planning and scheduling web application and service

plan your delivery, distribution, pick up, collection tasks with optimum vehicle routes and schedules

logvrp route optimization and fleet planning web application

Vehicle fleet route planning, route optimization and scheduling web application and web service logvrp.com.

logvrp is a web application and service for vehicle route planning and route optimization. logvrp is one of the best and first SaaS web based software for route planning and optimization for pick-up, delivery and distribution planning. logvrp is being used in many countries globally. logvrp has lots of unique features that differentiates it from others and makes it innovative.

Profit by reducing costs, mileages, time spent while increasing customer satisfaction. logvrp is used for finding optimum alternative fleet routes with the highly interactive and user friendly interface. Using logvrp makes you more organized, planned, efficient and productive in order to serve customers on time.

Monthly or annual pricing plans are available for your choice.

logvrp (Fleet Planning and Route Optimization Software) can be used for planning and optimization of;

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logvrp route optimization and fleet planning web application